About us

Credit Letters Generator is a low cost, robust software system where you can automated your custom-made, original Ready-To-Go Credit Letters." This system is designed for the credit repair and debt settlement industry. This is the perfect solutions for those who need a way to automate the writing of dispute or debt settment letters. Also this solution is prefect for credit repair consultants who need an affordable solution to automate their special letters.  

One of the most tedious task of work that a credit repair consultant must perform is creating custom-made challenge or dispute letters. If you have a ready-to-go original dispute letters, you can plug them in, enter your clients information one-time and away you go!!! It also gives the user the ability to send the exact same contents of a letter to other CRAs or creditors and printing envelops saving the user data input time. Even if you have a software solution already, it doesn't come with a full custom dispute letter generator that can be adjusted to all credit consultant’s systems. Now you do! This is a great addition to current credit repair software users too.

The most successful credit repair specialists all have custom or original letters, and some are as long as 3-5 pages with customized verbiage that produces results. However, there hasn’t been a low-cost solution to assist in speeding up this process and storing the letters. Most ready-to-go solutions in the DYI market requires you to type in client's information over and over again and you can't customize them. Also, they don't remind you when to follow-up.  You have this ability within Credit Letters Generator and to create your own letters. By using custom field inserts or tags as we call them, you can type in client contents and it will appear wherever you want on a letter based on your strategy. Again, similar system has preconfigured letters already done but does not provide the flexibility to change the content or store it. You can also purchase our 40 plus preformatted customized dispute letters.  These letters were provided to us by successful credit repair consultants who requested this low-cost solution. They submitted their custom or original letters that they are currently using for success. All users of Credit Letters Generator will have access to these powerful letters.  But you can always create your own.

 Credit repair is such a personal service. Credit Consultants using custom letters are the most successful in this business and get the best results. They are real estate agents or financial literate individuals. Some may have an assistant but usually will start out by themselves. However, these consultants desire a low-cost solution to assist in this task.  Current excellent software solutions start at $99 -$249 per month with features that most startups or even successful may never use. Especially in the beginning stage of their business. Credit Letters Generator's entry fee is only $15 per month for up to 100 clients and perfect for startup credit repair firms or those experienced consultants seeking a simple solution for their customized letters.

 Why 100 clients? Well, it is more than you need starting out. Based on the credit repair industry data, most credit consultants are home-based or have added the service to their current business operation. The average home-based credit repair startup business will only have about 15 clients in their first 3 months of business. Even those who are part-time only deal with a few customer per month. Why pay an average of $149 per month for 15-20 clients?  Credit Letters Generator can be used instead to print and store your letters and remind you when to follow-up with those letters with your clients.  It allows you to delete clients if you just want to remain at a certain price point just don’t go over the client limit in the database. If you want to keep those records in this system, you can upgrade to $20.00 per month for up to 300 clients and $30 per month to store up 1000 clients. Keep in mind that you can always download letters to keep a record of what was sent. 

 This is an affordable solution to ease your most tedious task of generating letters. It also has daily backups that won’t break the bank while you are starting up your credit repair business. In addition, having preconfigured letters will help those using software that requires a customized approach. Why not signup today or give us a try. You can cancel at any time.